Kiln Results, August 31, 2016

Weeks of pieces came out of the glaze kiln at Featherstone Center for the Arts on August 31st. Looking at them, I had to step back and try to remember what techniques I was trying, and then process what, I feel, turned out and what didn’t.

Many of the decorations are quick and easy because I am still feeling my way, working out how the different clay bodies and slips and glazes react. When I worked with clay 17 years ago, I worked in a lower temperature range, so the materials are fresh for discovery.

One thing I’m working on is a clay slip made from my soil in Chilmark. It is the pinky-buff irregular color at the top of some of the vases – I think it has potential and am not going to give up, even though the pieces that just came out did not turn out.

I brought the newly fired work home and  invited my sister and brother in law for dinner. They gave me some great constructive criticism., for example, the vases with decorations on the bottom portion and dark glaze on the top are really quite top heavy, and might have been better if the two had been switched. Lots of food for thought as I continue to try out new decorative techniques.

The process itself is the reward. Painting on, carving into, glazing over.. it is a lot like collaging, and very satisfying.. although quite drawn out between the initial mark and the fired piece.

2016-08-31 21.33.49 2016-08-31 21.32.15 2016-08-31 21.29.41 2016-08-31 21.16.22 2016-08-31 21.12.16 2016-08-31 21.05.56 2016-08-31 20.58.33 2016-08-31 21.00.22 2016-08-31 20.11.09

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