Kiln Results, September 14th, 2016

Featherstone fired a glaze kiln (cone 5 oxidation) on Sunday, and they unloaded it on Wednesday. I had a handful of pieces in it, and it was great to see the results of the surface experiments I’ve been trying.

I was so excited about the clayish dirt on my land. A pile of it was dug up when the septic was done. Several weeks ago, I spent considerable time separating the clay from the sand, running it through various sieves. I had also added flux to it, some Nepheline Syenite, and some frit 3134 – hoping that it would melt a little more. Unfortunately, at cone 5 oxidation, it is pretty dry and gritty still. I will put a sample in a wood firing that is happening next week, and see what a different atmosphere and temperature will do.

Here is a video that shows some of my pots, before and after firing. 

Here are some of the pieces from the last firing.








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