So proud of my son, @gordonmoore97 for the recognition his film, Rain Pot, is receiving! ...

66 16

Making some stationary for letters, and playing with some new inks. 😊💕 ...

52 3

48 degrees, no wind, the perfect day to sneak a mid day walk at Great Rock Bight. I love the off season on our island. ...

75 3

Lovely mid-day beach walk to clear the head. ...

49 1

One more round of cookie making to start of 2021 on a creative foot. With @hannahbmooreart ...

91 6

Decorating gingerbread cookies as a rainy Christmas afternoon activity. My heart is full. ...

75 3

This tree has been in my life for over 20 years. She humbly displays a storyboard of holidays past, written with the ornaments made by friends and family and the memories that they refresh. Most of the year she fits in a compact box in the storage space under the eaves. When she comes out, dresses up, and shines, she fills the house with cheer. ...

56 4

Our pottery shop is open every day from 10-4 up through Christmas Eve and by appointment if you prefer to come early or late. Please wear masks. ...

95 9

Packing up some tiles! 🌸🌸 ...

41 0

This glaze kiln is packed! Barely 2 inches between shelf layers. Fingers crossed that the kiln gods are kind. ...

62 1

So grateful! ...

66 3

Just wrapped up the loveliest early Thanksgiving meal - just family - outside dining - potluck. Eating by lantern light is glorious. I am feeling full of good food and gratitude. Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving, too! ...

83 5

When I was in the storage shed, I Discovered the plaster molds for these tile designs that I created in the 1990s. I’m excited to get some pressed, glazed, and fired! ...

75 14

Making some chocolate cookies. In my happy place. ...

37 1

Sketching out some new ideas for tile designs. ...

50 4

12 loaves of multi-grain bread. ❤️ a domestic day. ...

56 2

I have a couple of canine guests in the studio today as I finish glazing the last few tiles before firing the glaze kiln. I’ve been glazing for days. I’m looking forward to pushing the start button. ...

37 0

Full moon rising. October 1st, 2020
Watched it from Squibnocket beach.

78 2

I love this color! ...

51 2

What a busy week in the pottery shop! We are so grateful! I’m hard at work making more tiles and dishes. Here is how I make the earthenware press bowls. ...

44 7

Lots of glazing to be done! Hoping to have a full kiln firing before the weekend. ...

53 6

Loading a glaze kiln. Experimenting... I have no idea how this vase will turn out. ...

65 3

Just unloaded a glaze kiln full of tiles. Most of the firing was successful. I was trying out glaze combinations on some new tile designs which is exciting! as well as restocking popular designs that had sold out. ...

88 14

Headed to the mainland for the day - going to pick up some clay and other supplies. 😊 ...

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I live in Chilmark, MA on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. I have a small house with a big studio and strive to lead a creative life. 
About the Daily Digital Drawing Project started in 2012.
I first created this website when I started the daily discipline of doing one digital drawing a day. The practice lasted for several years – although some drawings spanned several days.
Here is my statement about the daily digital drawing project:
After a day of work and family chores, I am trying to do a drawing, just for me.

Why try to do a drawing a day?

Do you know when you’re traveling with your children, you stop every few moments to count heads and make sure everyone is still accounted for?

I realized the end of January 2012 that I had completely misplaced one of my passions. Sometime in the past two decades, I stopped paying attention to my love of drawing.

I decided the beginning of February 2012 to start doing one sketch a day, at the end of the day, after my day job work and family chores are done.

The ritual of drawing every evening has become a balm, a meditation, a way for me to process the day and massage something deep inside myself.

Because I work full time as a website programmer and designer, when I decided to draw again, I turned first to my computer.  Although my visual art training was with a paintbrush on canvas and pencil to sketch book, the years of digital immersion made drawing digitally  an easier step than having to set up a new creative space in the home and purchase lots of new supplies. I already had a powerful computer, large monitors, a pressure sensitive tablet and stylus. In order to stick to my commitment of drawing every day, it had to be as easy as possible, physically, to do it. I draw on the computer with the help of a wacom intuos tablet and Painter15 software.

I did stop the project after 15 months, but resumed it again in September of 2014. I try to draw every day, but since I draw usually after 8:00pm, some nights it just isn’t possible.

The spring of 2015, I switched from digital work to physical materials and started exploring the world of mixed media.


  • Education and Honors
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design/Ceramics
      The University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, MA 1991-1993
      Suma Cum Laude, Chancellor’s List
    • The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, 1987-1988
    • Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy, 1983 and 1987
      The 1987 Gillian Award Scholarship
    • New York University in France, Paris, France, 1984
    • Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, 1984 (study in Tours France), 1983 – 1984 (on campus)
  • Professional Experience / Internet
    • Sole Proprietor, Goffgrafix Web Development, 1997 – present.
    • Member of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Internet Development Team, September 1999 – April 2000 part time
    • Full time graphic web design and programming for International Compliance Systems, Inc., April 2000 – April 2001
    • Member of Katewood Group Web Site Development Team, March 2001 – 2003 part time
    • Lead Web Designer for Martha’s Vineyard Online (mvol.com), September 2001 – 2003
  • Professional Experience / Visual Design
    • Assistant Ceramic Professor, Studio Art Centers International, Florence 1984 .
    • Installation Artist, Area Night Club, New York City, 1986
    • Ceramist, Illustrator 1985-1999
    • Sole Proprietor, Folk Tiles, a decorative tile manufacturing company, 1993-2000
  • Lectures and Seminars Given
    • Creating A Successful Web Presence, Part of a 3 woman panel, The Martha’s Vineyard Women’s Network (2011)
    • The University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, Alumni Lecture Series (1998)
    • The Wareham High School, Wareham, MA, Workshop in Tile Making for Students (1998)
    • The University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, Workshop in Tile Making for Ceramic Undergraduates (1997)
  • Exhibitions for Clay and Painting / Solo
    • The Vineyard Playhouse, Vineyard Haven, MA (2017)
    • The A Gallery, Oak Bluffs, MA (2014)
    • The Field Gallery, West Tisbury, MA (1994,1995,1996,1998)
    • The Wrenn Gallery, Vineyard Haven, MA (1990)
    • The Goff’s Gallery, North Tisbury, MA (1985)
  • Exhibitions for Clay and Painting / Group
    • The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA (1995, 1996, 1997)
    • The Ferrin Gallery, Northhampton, MA (1989,1993, 1995)
    • The Field Gallery, West Tisbury, MA (1992, 1993)
    • The Wooden Tent Gallery, Vineyard Haven, MA (1993)
    • Studio 244, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Gallery, (1993)
    • Barrows Tea Company, New Bedford, MA (1992)
    • The Artist’s Cooperative, Vineyard Haven, MA (1991)
    • The Wrenn Gallery, Vineyard Haven, MA (1990)
    • Starr Gallery, Newton, MA (1990)
    • The Neo Persona Gallery, New York City (1986, 1990)
    • The Clay Pot, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY (1990)
    • Civilization Gallery, New York City (1987)
    • The Strozzi Palace, Florence, Italy (1985)