Daily Sketch, February 12, 2015


A very quick drawing tonight..

With all of the snow, my dogs need to be walked where it has been plowed, which means leash walking. We go round and round and round our neighborhood. This is often my view.

Daily Sketch, October 2, 2014


Having a very busy day and unable to start my sketch until 11:00pm,  I stuck with a quick draw and a model close at hand. Thus, we have another drawing of my puppy.

Unit 4, August 26

Unit 4 Assignment

To turn in two illustrations. One based on criteria outlined in the lesson, where they can use their own characters and one colored drawing using all three characters.



Featuring Rosco, his friend, Crow and Cat.

I think I probably blew the collaboration part on this portion of the assignment. In using the characters that I created, I left out the motorcycle and driver. My initial thought was that Rosco would chase Cat wildly, all over the road and risk getting hit by a car, so the cross walk guard is trying to stop him. I brought the cross walk guard forward because it worked better in the composition to have her in the foreground.